Friday, April 1, 2016

Flat Earth - The Ultimate Litmus Test (*OR* A Mayan walks into a bar and says...)

One of the many reasons people have gone way back in history to see why very learned men believed the Earth was/is flat. Both sides have problems with their theories. I think it is interesting and fun to revist long held beliefs we were taught to believe and never (empirically) investigated for ourselves from scratch..
Below is the full video which I recommend. For those short on time, skip down to my questions

For the purposes of point making and brevity I will post a portion here and I would like to ask you to answer some questions as you view this particular part. Takes about 5 minutes.

1. Where is the space junk we have been hearing about all these years?

2. Where are all of the GPS and TV satellites ? I use to install Directv and read all about "geocentricity". Where are they?

3. Stars and cameras have a history and agnles are usually blamed etc. BUT IN EVERY shot? Where are the stars?

4. Have you ever seen a 360 degree video taken from space? The camera person turns completely around back to center? If it exists, I have never seen one.

5. Cell phones should work better in space as they are closer to the satellites, right?

6. Where is all the space dust we have heard about over and over?

7. Why doesn't the "vacuum of space" pull all man made objects away from orbit like we see it do with people in all of the supposed realistic space movies?

8. If Earth spins at 10k/mph, why do flights take so long and why don't they take longer in reverse when flight goes against that rotation?

9. How does "Rover" recharge its batteries? How does the ISS stay powered up? Solar? Static electricity from the orbit? ????

10.How did a capsule using *only* thrusters leave the orbit of the moon to rendezvous with the rest of the ship which was traveling at thousands of kph/mph using a computer that was less powerful than the TI calculator my son used for high school math, go back through the Van Allen belts, sirvive rentry amd all these years later woth advancements NASA says the same belts are the problem we haven't solved in order to take our shittle replacement to the moon? SEE OFFICIAL NASA VIDEO for more info on the shuttle replacement setbacks.

So, what do you think about all of this? Share your questions with me

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Share this with others if you remain interested. This is a good starter film about the whole process.
Check out Rob Skiba, Mark Sargent, Kent Hovind and Doug Hamp as well as many others.
-Just L.


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