Monday, May 21, 2018

Hidden Secrets Vol. 1

What does it mean when someone comes to you and tells you someone else has said negative things about you but claims to love you when the person telling you this does the same thing?

Love covers and the reverse is that evil exposes.
That is a generalization, I know.
It bears looking into.

What relationships have you experienced where a secret was not a secret for long?
Who can you trust that when you tell them something that it will go no further?

Are you the friend/relative/stranger that can keep a confidence?

Is it important to you to go to the person being spoken about and tell them you took up for them?

How many faces does one need?

My uncle used to make a joke that said:
"(Random Person) was talking about you but I took up for you."
"They said you ate shit sandwiches and I told them you didn't because you didn't like bread. You're welcome."

Friday, April 27, 2018

Love Is Strange

Love is Strange

Do you ever wish you're not so tender hearted? You make yourself a goat when you are.
Do you ever think it isn't what you started? You'd be better off afloat in a bar.
Love is strange. Love is real. Love is mystery. Remember how you feel.
Love is real.

Do you ever look at things a different way? You step back from the edge and stare.
Do you ever talk about what made you say you wish that you could make it all a dare?
Love is strange. Love is real. Love is mystery. Remember how you feel.
Love is real.

Too many words make things complicated. I'm emasculated.
Not enough words make things complicated. I'm eviscerated. 
Bring on the pain. (Please) Let me die in vain.
And let me love again.

Do you ever hear the words I was trying to say? I'm not surprised at what you hear.
Do you ever taste the feelings that I try to convey? I want to be your love and not your peer.
Love is strange. Love is real. Love is mystery. Remember how you feel.
Love is real.

Love is strange. Love is real. Love is a mystery. Remember how you feel.Love is real.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I Am G-Pops...Part 2

From my personal journal:
Ezra Rain.
It was a relief. 
As we have all experienced those latter rains when the day needs some cooling off, but no one wants to get drenched. 
That easy rainfall; It refreshes and lifts the spirits and you usually don't expect it when it comes.
  It brings a smile when you get caught in it. 
Maybe even a quiet laugh.
Sometimes, it can take your breath and make you sigh as you wonder whether you will need an umbrella.
She is beautiful.
She makes you fall in love or at least remember what it is like to.
She is ahead of her time.
She is a miracle.
She *is* my EZ-Rain.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Military Sex (*OR* Here We Go Again)

There is a plan to eliminate transgender folken from entering the military. Now, there are several ways to look at this, and I will cover only a couple/few +or-.
One the one side: No one should be discriminated against based on gender., Lets make a small chart to illustrate instead. Shall we? Ok.

Pro Eliminate

Con Eliminate

If you want transgender included, make it a medically recognized gender, usable on birth certificate. Make it a scientifically recognized gender.

No one should be discriminated against. Period.

If one cannot recognize their own gender how can the recognize who is the enemy in combat? (IE-That terrorist is identifying as a Canadian red headed woman, I can't shoot)

No one would even by that as a real argument.

We don't yet understand the way the mind of a transgender person works, and how this mindset would present the way they approach combat situations. The gender issue to most seems solved at birth, generally accepted, Without that, exhibited norms and non-norms must be taken into account in the way disabilities are when enlisting recruits are turned down.

Transgender is not an abnormality. And disabilities should not be a reason to deny entry in the military either.
People at one time feigned homosexuality to get out of service at one time, and there were some who were truly homosexual and were excused. This would be a similar policy in some regards to that and it was ruled illegal.

The same debate exists about women in combat, and it has not been widely accepted that doubt exists about women's ability, it does take into account the natural inclinations of male behavior to show greater concern for the females and could, thereby, make combat more dangerous because of the protective focus most males could/would exhibit, It is a risk that may not be worth taking.

We are talking about transgender, not male/female dichotomies in combat.
Transgender is natural and normal.
     This is a sample of the plus delta list one could make before answering questions about this issue. It is obviously not exhaustive, and should not be taken one way or the other about my opinion on transgender issues.
      My honest thoughts are that I think there is definitely something truthful in the beliefs of the transgender community, but it seems some disingenuous people have latched on and made some ridiculous claims that common sense could never allow any sincere person to take seriously. 
Examples are things like identifying as a tree, some animal, or inanimate object.
Transgender needs a tighter definition. 
I think until those issues are ironed out, it would be wise to at least take this issue serious enough to make sure whatever happens, we are not putting people in danger. 
To themselves or others. 

Remember at one time and in some places, gay bashing was an unofficial sport to some. People turned their heads when it happened.
I am not sure that risk, or potential others, are worth the perceived reward based on where I see our culture landing on this at this time. 

My thoughts are, protect as many from injury or abuse from anyone as much as possible.
We are all Americans, and that doesn't have a gender attached to it. 

Be well. -Just L. 07/26/2017