Thursday, February 2, 2017

Free Speech Matters (Or what we could learn from MLK Jr.)

It seems people have forgotten the complaints some years back from American companies that the universities were producing graduates that were not ready or able to take on the responsibilities of the jobs they needed to fill.

As we look at safe spaces and violent protests bordering on riot, we have to ask the question, Are our universities doing what they are paid to do?
Each time I see people wanting to stifle free speech and some even ASKING for martial law, I have to wonder what they are being taught.
Good debate has always been part of my friendships and what has caused me and I hope some of them to change opinions about things we debated on.
Now, you can't even get a discussion going without epithets, un-friendings, mass vituprious statements and worse, Bad manners.
     Is this a train we want to ride to its obvious end?
Maybe it is time to wake up and see why Martin Luther King, Jr was destined to die.
His approach was dangerous to the very people who no stir the pot of hatred and distrust and discontent.
He stood for drawing people to his side through non-violence and exchange of ideas and information.

Apparently this was more dangerous to the power structure than a bunch of people using dissatisfaction as a reason to harm people and property, and a good excuse to act like asses.


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