Sunday, September 11, 2016

Lance's Journal (Partial) 09-11-2016

9/11/2016 ...a book called "Stories I Only Tell My Friends"-Ron Lowe. The first of it sounds like your bro. I am enjoying this very much.

Date:9/11/2016           Time:         07:09:28 P       Name:Lance

Based on Today: Rev 4
1. Which verses stand out to you the most?
Verses 1-5. The Lampstands. The Get up here. The rapture.

2. How can you apply the wisdom to your own life from that verse(s)
I can boldy proclaim the pre-trib rapture based on the definition of the lampstands in the first three chapters
3. What could you be happy about if you wanted to?
That my mom has been spared for not only her benefit...But mine as well.

4. What could you be proud about if you wanted to?
That god has put it in my heart to serve and to desire to serve.
I even thanked him for this today.

5. What could you be thankful about if you wanted to?
The same answer as number 3. ...That important.

6. What could you be excited about if you wanted to?
My son having his own place again and life going in a positive direction for him. (Dx3)

7. What action did you/will you take that really matters today?
Send love via text to not only those I have good feelings about, but also to those I do not.

8. Who could use a genuine kind word or some real love from you today? (Can be more than one person)
The same as question 7 (including...) not limited too and not necessarily ill feelings towards.

9. What is one thing you wish someone else knew about you that you feel that no one or not many people know?
That I am recovering from a total nervous breakdown and life paradigm shift.

Notes/Follow Up:
Rob Lowe's book is amazing and I am enjoying the journey. I need to gather more of his work including the show "The West Wing" which I have never watched.

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